Our professional development training can be delivered in-person or virtually, during the day or night, with bilingual content and instruction, and be custom-made to fit with your program’s needs. We offer opportunities that cover subjects such as: CLASS®Support, Trauma-Informed Care, Challenging Behaviors, Family Engagement, and many more with subject matter experts over the course of a single day/single virtual session, or multiple days/virtual sessions. No group size is too small or too large! Contact us for customized pricing. View some of our training session options below.

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Popular Topics

  • Are you Asking the Right Question? Supporting Higher Order Thinking
  • Everyday Magic: The Effective Moves Any Teacher Could Use to Address Challenging Behaviors
  • Put it all together: Skillfully dealing with challenging behaviors in the moment.
  • Teachers as Architects: Building the Social Brain
  • Supporting Social-Emotional Practices and Effective Interactions
  • Visuals have no attitude: How to boost CLASS® scores by enhancing the use of cues and visuals
  • Braiding Mental Health Wellness and Social-Emotional Skills with Children’s Literature

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