Exclusive Products

Exclusive Products

  • The Calming Kit

    Teach children effective tools and strategies to reduce stress and identify and manage big emotions in a positive way.

    Increased self-awareness, more successful interactions, and more productive conflict resolution strengthen the classroom community. The Calming Kit enables educators to spend less time intervening – especially during transition times – and more time nurturing the minds of young children better prepared to learn and engage.

    Ages: 0-5 years

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  • Frame Their Learning

    Provide new and veteran teachers alike with the support they need to meet CLASS® domain and dimensions standards.

    Frame Their Learning presents CLASS® correlated concept development questions and vocabulary in a visual, portable, teacher-friendly way, helping teachers focus on consistent, meaningful, and thought-provoking interactions and exchanges with children, rather than remembering requirements.

    Ages: Instructional Support for PK-12 Teachers

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  • Home Start

    Provide opportunities for children and families to have meaningful learning interactions and experiences in the home.

    Increased guidance and support for families help them use everyday objects and activities to develop children’s language acquisition, knowledge, cognitive, and social emotional skills. Home Start strengthens the relationship between school and home, increasing family engagement and school readiness.

    Ages: 2-5 years

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  • Baby Home Start

    Provide opportunities for families to develop a wealth of experiences for their baby through language, interactions, routines, and activities in the home.

    Increased guidance and support for families help them use lots of language throughout the day to close the 30 million word gap. Baby Home Start focuses on creating and nurturing rich experiences in the home through meaningful activities, routines, and interactions so each child can grow into a curious, successful learner.

    Ages: 0-2 years

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  • Baby STEM

    Provide STEM learning opportunities for young children through play, investigation, and exploration of the world around them.

    Building off a child’s natural curiosity and love for exploration and discovery, Baby STEM helps elevate responsible caregiving and increases STEM learning opportunities, de-mystifying what a developmentally appropriate, early childhood STEM foundation looks like while providing opportunities for language acquisition, social-emotional, and other cognitive skill development.

    Ages: 0-3 years

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  • Family Engagement Activities

    Extend the classroom into the home with fun and easy school readiness activities for families and children to do together.

    The integration of parent/family activities and program curriculum has great impact on children’s readiness for school and future success. Our Family Engagement Activities use common household materials to help families better engage and participate in their child’s education beyond the classroom walls.

    Ages: 2-5 years

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