The Pyramid Model

  • The Pyramid Model Preschool Classroom Kit

    The Pyramid Model Consortium has partnered with The Discovery Source to publish and distribute the recommended resources so teachers can begin to teach Social-Emotional Development skills immediately, more effectively, and with high fidelity implementation of the Pyramid Model Training.

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  • Tucker Turtle Kit

    In the Tucker the turtle scripted social story, Tucker has impulse-control issues: When he gets mad, he kicks, yells, and hits his friends. That all changes when Tucker learns to “think like a turtle” instead. He keeps his body and hands to himself and stays quiet while taking three deep, calming breaths. Then, he starts to consider ways he can improve the situation that upset him—and just like that, Tucker has better control over his emotions.

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  • Problem Solver Solution Kit

    Teachers can help children become more independent by teaching them the steps for solving a problem. The problem-solving scripted story helps children understand these steps.

    The Solution cards give 10 different ways to choose from so they have a variety of ways to support children learning these new skills.

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  • Emotional Literacy Kit

    Teachers can create an emotional literate classroom environment by providing visuals and prompts children can see and ask questions about. The feelings wheel, bingo cards and feeling faces game helps children identify and describe feelings through talking, role playing, matching activities and more.

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  • Super Friend Kit

    Friends are important to children’s self-confidence, school readiness, and developing positive relationships with peers. Some children make friends easily and some have a harder time and need additional adult support. The “I can be a Super Friend” scripted social story highlights friendship and the skills for successful relationships. Teachers can also reward children with a special certificate when being a super friend.

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  • Classroom Visual Display Kit

    Teaching children routines, rules and expectations are common practice in most preschool classrooms. When used regularly, children can develop a clear understanding of what is expected of them and what they can expect in their classroom. When Visual supports are incorporated, they give children a reference and guidance and help them choose how to behave.

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