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The Calming Kit

the calming kit

What is The Calming Kit?

The Calming Kit is a group of tools that provide sensory strategies and emotional supports to assist children with regulating their bodies and emotions so they can be ready to learn.

Calming Kit Contents:

1. Feelings Wheel: The Feelings Wheel helps children identify their feelings and engages the
thinking part of our brain, which can then lead to self regulation.

2. Five Breaths Visual Support/Bubbles: Taking deep breaths and blowing out (bubbles) will
stimulate the parasympathetic response in our bodies, which decreases oxygen consumption,
slows down heart rate, decreases blood pressure and muscle tension and calms the mind.

3. Calm Down Social Story: A Calm Down Social Story supports the calming process by providing
step by step information of the process, using pictures and offering choices.

4. Calming Strategy Cards: Calming Strategy Cards provide visual options and choices of activities
to choose to support the calming process.

5. Glitter Bottle and/or Slinky: A Glitter Bottle and/or Slinky allows time for reflection, takes your mind off the problem
and is intrinsically meditative.

6. Squeeze Balls/Play Dough/Calm Down Strategy Cards: When you are stressed or upset, your
limbic brain is stimulated, often giving bursts of fight or flight energy. Squeezing and/or pushing/pulling
activities will help reduce that energy in your body.

Available in English & Spanish.

What Were You Taught about Emotions?

Think about what you learned about
“identifying, understanding, and
expressing emotions”

Were you directly taught how to express
emotions in a healthy way?

Were there some emotions that you
weren’t supposed to feel or weren’t
allowed to express?

 Are you comfortable with emotions now?

What is Self Regulation?

The ability to regulate one’s thinking,
emotions, and behavior.

Children translate experiences into information
they can use to regulate:
– Mom’s soothing voice, cuddles calm an

Children develop self-regulation from birth-5.

Children can be taught self-regulation.

Why Regulate?

 Thinking and emotion affect each other.
– If you can regulate your emotions,
you can engage and learn.

Young children who engage in intentional
self-regulation learn more and are more successful
in their education.

 Intentional self-regulation predicts
school success.

Why use Squeezing/Physical Activities?

 What happens to your body when you are upset or stressed?
– Stimulates your limbic brain
– Burst of energy for fight or flight

 How to get rid of the energy?
– Squeeze ball
– Play dough
– Activity cards

Some items may vary due to supply based on availability and will be replaced with a similar item.