Sandy Ampudia


The Calming Kit

Supporting children to get ready for learning goes above and beyond teaching basic skills. Identifying feelings and emotions, using words to express wants and needs, having options to express frustration in socially appropriate ways, and knowing how to calm down by themselves ARE the skills that provide the readiness for learning.

“The Calming Kit” is a group of tools that provide sensory strategies and emotional supports to assist children with regulating their bodies and emotions

The training session will help unpacking all the materials to know what it is and how to use them, sharing the content and framework regarding the importance of Emotional Literacy and Self-Regulation skills in early childhood years along with ideas and activities on how to use these components to support its implementation.  “The Calming Kit” provides practitioners with hands-on materials, visuals, and activities to integrate these skills into the daily routines.

Teachers as Architects: Building the Social Brain

It is vital for early childhood field to recognize the main connection between Social Emotional development and young children’s brain architecture. Daily interactions will help children to form close and secure adult and peer relationships; Flexible routines will facilitate children to experience, regulate, and express emotions in socially and culturally appropriate ways; and sensitive guidance will promote children and explore the environment and learn. This session will connect research facts with practical classroom strategies that will support intentional early childhood educators’ practices and children’s mental health wellbeing.

Are you asking the right question? Supporting Higher Order Thinking skills in young children

Constructivist theories explain how young children learn and develop not only by exploring the environment, but also with the presence of effective interactions in which teachers interact with children to facilitate learning activities to support and scaffold development, learning, and language.

This training session is designed to support practitioners to be more intentional in the use of questions and vocabulary, providing them with specific information on the different ways to embed those in daily routines to effectively support higher order thinking skills, cognitive and language competence.

Frame Their Learning

Early Childhood years are recognized as the biggest “Windows of Opportunities” for the children to lay stronger foundations for academic achievement. To do this, the best practices in education highly recommend the use of activities that can promote higher levels of thinking in our children. Resources, and professional development are provided, but frequently, the transfer to integrate this knowledge into daily practices is the missing step in preschool classrooms.

“Frame Their Learning” is a set visual supports for teachers to see and use questions and words, practicing advanced language (math, science, engineering) while interacting and engaging children in conversations and learning, that will help to close the gap between knowledge and implementation.

The training session will review the importance of supporting, with eagerness and enjoyment, Higher levels of thinking in daily childhood practices, by using the “Frame Their Learning Kit”. We will review all the materials and components along with guidance and ideas on how to integrate their use into daily routines and lesson planning.

Children are natural scientists; we just need to “Frame Their Learning”


With more than 20 years of experience, Sandra Ampudia has been dedicating her work to the Early Intervention field as a Speech Pathologist, Early Childhood and Special Educator. Her experience supporting classroom teachers and their families has taken her to work with different community partners offering training courses and workshops at the local, state and national level, being one of the certificated Florida State Trainer in different areas of Early Childhood. Sandy is currently working in collaboration with different Universities and Organizations supporting early childhood educators across Miami-Dade County, Florida and other states in the implementation of the best practices to promote children’s learning and development.

Sandy Ampudia