Matthew Rhoads, Ed.D.

List of Consulting Services

  • Conducting live online or in-person professional development sessions on integrating research-based instructional strategies with edtech tools to amplify student learning.
  • Working with teachers and leaders on developing in-house professional development programs on edtech integration, social-emotional learning, data-driven decision-making, and school improvement.
  • Aligning instructional strategies with edtech tools to meet your school/district instructional goals.
  • Working with Special Education Departments to help develop data collection reports for writing compliant IEPs.
  • Mentoring, answering questions, and collaborating with your organization to support its growth and goals.


Matt Rhoads, Ed.D. is an expert and innovator relating to educational technology and instructional integration in online, blended, and traditional classroom settings. He develops edtech tool integrations with instructional strategies to drive instruction to amplify student learning. He also has expertise in instructing teachers and educational leaders on how to utilize data and data practices to make data-driven decisions to drive instruction. Also, Dr. Rhoads has a background in Special Education, which has given him expertise in social-emotional learning, co-teaching, creating assessments, data collection surveys for Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs), and developing data reports to help in writing defensible IEPs. Last, Dr. Rhoads has researched and practiced effective professional development, which includes teaching teachers how to do through active learning and engagement and then providing teachers opportunities to experiment, innovate, and facilitate further training’s in their own districts and school sites. For more information about Dr. Rhoads, his blog, research, consulting, and publications, please check out

Dr. Matt Rhoads