The Digital Calming Kit

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The Digital Calming Kit is a representation of the original Calming Kit that can be used in any classroom setting. From online classrooms, blended/hybrid learning scenarios, and traditional in-person classrooms, the Digital Calming Kit allows for social-emotional learning to take place anywhere and anytime. The Digital Calming Kit utilizes Google Slides using cards found in the original Calming Kit in an interactive manner to enhance student engagement in SEL activities. It encompasses five activities that can be used in any setting along with step-by-step instructions to implement the activities within any setting to amplify student learning and engagement.

Please read the “Getting Started User’s Manual” below before purchasing.

For orders outside the U.S. or Canada please contact us.

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The Digital Calming Kit Includes the Following

  1. Calming Kit Strategy Cards
    In this activity, teachers can give students a choice on cards that represent how they feel to help them cope with various feelings they are feeling. Students can review each of the slides and click on the embedded links to find activities, books, and videos for them to watch to help them navigate their feelings. This activity can be conducted one on one with a teacher and a student, in small groups, or students can use the cards independently to learn more about various feelings and activities they can use to cope with a wide variety of feelings they may experience.
  2. Digital Calming Kit Bingo
    In this activity, a teacher leads a group of students in an SEL activity that focuses on students identifying various emotions and feelings in a Bingo-like game format. A teacher spins a wheel and then students must identify which feeling on their game card that it matches with. The purpose of this activity is to create an engaging and fun way to learn about various feelings in a gamified format. Then bingo can be played one on one between a student and a teacher, in a small group, or up to 24 different students at once.
  3. Calming Kit SEL Matching Activity
    In this activity, a teacher can model how to match various feelings with activities that help students navigate and cope with those feelings. The matching activity can be done in a whole group setting, one on one between a teacher or student, or students can complete this activity independently.
  4. Take 5 Breaths Activity
    In this activity, a teacher guides a student or a group of students through a breathing activity. On a series of interactive slides, students can move tiles to signify they have taken breaths in the form of a short meditation.In addition, included in The Digital Calming Kit instructions and strategies of how to incorporate each activity into your classroom routines, lesson plan, and instruction. Step-by-step instructions and video tutorials are provided for teachers to view. These instructions will help you amplify the use of the kit to enhance student learning and engagement.
  5. Digital Calming Kit User Manual
  6. Digital Calming Kit: Calming Strategy Card How-to Videos
  7. Digital Calming Kit: SEL Bingo How-To Videos
  8. Digital Calming Kit Matching Activity Using Calming Strategy Cards & Take 5 Breaths Activity How-To Videos

Getting Started User’s Manual

Discovery Source Digital Calming Kit: Getting Started User’s Manual

Thank you for downloading and purchasing Discovery Source’s Digital Calming Kit. This user manual will help you get started with utilizing this product in no time. Please review this manual as well as the how-to video guides before utilizing this kit. It includes how to download and set up the Digital Calming Kit. Additionally, it provides recommendations of how to use the kit. Last, it outlines contact information regarding any questions related to the Digital Calming Kit. For more information and research on social-emotional learning, consult the Discovery Source SEL ebook.

Download and Setup Directions

Step 1: Download. Once purchased, download the zip file for the Digital Calming Kit to your computer’s hard drive. Upon its download, unzip the file and retrieve the contents of the file. Within the file, each component of the Digital Calming Kit will be available along with directions of how to utilize each piece of the digital kit.

Step 2: Upload to Google Drive. After the file has been downloaded, log into your Google Account. Once into your Google Account, click on your Google Drive. Once in Google Drive, click on the “New” button, which will allow you to upload an entire file to your Drive. Upload your unzipped file of the Digital Calming Kit to yoru Google Drive. After this has been completed, ensure all of your files are within Google Slides and Doc formats. This is the optimal format for sharing, editing, and making the content of the Digital Calming Kit easy to access for your teachers and students.

Step 3: Make a Copy Before Use. Before using any of the contents of the Digital Calming Kit, please ensure you make a copy of each part of the kit before use. For example, each component of the kit is a Google Slide after being uploaded to your Google Drive. When students use the Google Slides, be sure it’s not the original as it will be altered when students are given the ability to edit and interact with the content. To make a copy, go to the top left hand corner of the opened Google Slides. Click on “File” and then “Make a Copy.” Rename the slideshow based on the occasion, usually by class date and time so it can be archived after use.

Step 4: Create an editable link for Students Before Use. Before use with students, be sure to click on “Share” on the top right hand corner of the screen. Click on the Get Link box and change the link ownership to “Editable for Anyone with Link.” After this has been completed, copy and then paste this link into your online meeting tool chatbox on Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams for students to click on and then access as a browser tab.

Recommendations Before Use

Before using the Digital Calming Kit, take a look at the user how-to video guides for the Calming Strategy Cards, Digital SEL Bingo, Calming Strategy Cards Matching Activity, and Take 5 Breaths Calming Activity. Each video shows in action how to implement the content within a digital setting. Additionally, each how-to video guide provides a number of strategies of how to utilize it in effective and engaging ways for students within an online, hybrid, or traditional in-person setting.

Also, depending on the number of students in your class, you can always delete and duplicate the number of slides, especially with the SEL Bingo, Matching Activity, and Take 5 Breaths Activity. When editing the slides, you can right click the slide and select either “duplicate” or “delete” slide. This allows you to either increase or decrease the number of slides to fit your class size and activity.

Contact Information

If you or your organization has any questions related to the Digital Calming Kit, please feel free to reach out to for more information.

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