Frame Their Learning

$ 99.97

Frame Their Learning is a unique, standalone teaching system designed specifically to improve teacher performance and raise student CLASS assessment scores. The tool helps teachers improve learning outcomes and brings together CLASS®, ECERS-R, and Child Assessment/DRDP(2015), as well as incorporating STEM concepts and teacher curriculums.

Each material in the kit is written in English and Spanish, aside from the Teachers Guide, which is only in English.

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Frame Their Learning is a holistic teaching system specifically designed to help teachers improve their performance and raise students’ CLASS(R) Instructional Support Scores. This unique tool helps teachers ask more thought-provoking questions and improve their exchanges with students to spur higher quality interactions, learning and retention. Using Frame Their Learning, teachers also learn how to better incorporate a rich STEM vocabulary into lessons, which helps both teacher performance and CLASS(R) assessment scores.

By bringing together Curriculum Fidelity, CLASS(R) , ECERS, and Child Assessment support into one tool, Frame Their Learning richly supports teacher performance and student learning across all domains.

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Complete Frame Their Learning Program

  • 6 Page Teacher Guide
  • 26 Page Teacher Activity Book
  • 90 Question Cards
  • 110 Vocabulary Cards
  • 1 2-Sided Tabletop Pocket Chart
  • 3 Learning Opportunities Posters
  • 1 Watch–Listen–Engage Poster
  • 1 Magnetic Pocket Chart
  • Family Engagement Activities
  • FTL On The Go Spiral Book