Complete Frame Their Learning Program

Frame Their Learning is a powerful system for quality improvement in teaching and learning. It is designed to assist and support teachers to enhance child learning outcomes as well as CLASS®†, ECERS-R, Child Assessment/DRDP(2015), STEM and your curriculum.


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Young children are naturally curious about their world, constantly learning and exploring. Use FTL’s dynamic system to enhance children’s learning through quality interactions. The easy three-step approach allows you to place powerful open-ended questions and STEM vocabulary right where you need them – in the classroom, at the center, while outdoors, on home visits, anywhere children play to learn.

This unique system provides a set of exemplary tools to help you ask thought provoking questions and create meaningful conversations with children that work to develop their higher-order thinking skills, expand their language development and incorporate rich STEM vocabulary into their discourse. All components of FTL have been carefully designed to enhance the effectiveness of learning environments.

Adults can scaffold children’s learning through
questioning, prompting and supporting peer
interactions. Multiple back and forth exchanges:
• Provide support for children to learn through their own thought processes
• Help children figure out and solve “the problem”
• Enhance learning by guiding children’s thinking to sequential steps
• Go beyond quck, superficial learning
• Encourage children to think at higher levels and use advanced vocabulary




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