Engage 11

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Engage 11 – Learn 11 Research Based Strategies to Promote Student Engagement in Common Core Lessons

For Teachers K-12

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Engage 11 – Learn 11 Research Based Strategies to Promote Student Engagement in Common Core Lessons

Teacher Effectiveness

For Only $19.95

For Teachers K-12


It’s no secret that the Common Core standards shine a big spotlight on the value and measurement of student engagement; after all, student engagement = student achievement. As a result, if there were ever a time in your professional development to learn how to better facilitate active classroom participation with high-level discussion and inquiry, it is now.

Let Dr. Belinda Karge’s many years of expertise in teaching pedagogical strategies help guide your student engagement efforts in the classroom. Engage 11 supplies you with a laminated desktop teaching tool of 11 strategies to engage students, and make learning come alive! Save tons of time and avoid common mistakes by implementing what has been proven by meticulous research to work and get results.

  • Review Strategies
    • Strategy 1: Tell-Help-Check
    • Strategy 2: Give One, Get One
    • Strategy 3: Magic Wand
  • Discussion Strategies
    • Strategy 4: Think-Write-Pair-Share
    • Strategy 5: Talking Chips
    • Strategy 6: Ambassadors
    • Strategy 7: Idea Wave
  • Product Development Strategies
    • Strategy 8: Scaffolding
    • Strategy 9: Three-Step Interview
    • Strategy 10: Team-Pair-Solo
    • Strategy 11: Questioning the Author

About the Developer of the “Engage” Teaching Tools:

Dr. Belinda Karge is a Professor of Doctoral Studies at Concordia University Irvine and Professor Emeritus from California State University, Fullerton. Over her career, she has made numerous presentations to groups of school district employees, keynoted conferences, and provided professional development to overseas educators. She is an expert in research based instructional strategies and has authored five curriculum texts, four book chapters, 125 articles and numerous grants (totaling 20 million dollars).(See photo at the bottom of this page for more information.)

See inside Engage 11

What’s Engage 11 all about?
Engage 11 Introduction

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What are the strategies behind Engage 11?
Engage 11 Strategies

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Learn more about Engage 11’s Magic Wand Strategy
Engage 11 Magic Wand

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Find out about Engage 11’s Scaffolding Strategy
Engage 11: Scaffolding

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Learn more about creator
Dr. Belinda Karge
Engage 11 Dr. Belinda Karge

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