Early Learner’s Calming Kit

$ 87.97

Available in English AND Spanish in each kit, Teacher Guide available in English or Spanish, select which version you need.  

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Young children need to learn essential strategies to identify, understand, and regulate their emotions. When teachers and families use and practice calming activities and games, children will be able to:

• Practice breathing exercises independently (using visuals, tangible objects, songs, or games).
• Identify and label positive and strong feelings and emotions in themselves and in others.
• Practice and play different activities to calm down, including active, passive, and sensory activities.
• Identify their favorite ways to calm down.
• Repeat positive phrases about themselves, recognizing how wonderful and unique they are when adults around them describe and repeat their strengths frequently.
• Release their energy by squeezing toys, blowing bubbles, or molding play dough

Available in English AND Spanish in each kit.  Currently the new guide is only in English, Spanish coming soon.

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English/Spanish Version, Includes English Teacher Guide, English/Spanish Version, Includes Spanish Teacher Guide