Classroom Visual Display Kit


Available for Pre-order. Kits will be ready to ship late summer.

All materials available in English and Spanish

Teaching children routines, rules and expectations are common practice in most preschool classrooms. When used regularly, children can develop a clear understanding of what is expected of them and what they can expect in their classroom. When Visual supports are incorporated, they give children a reference and guidance and help them choose how to behave.

Classroom Visual Display Kit includes:

  • Classroom Rules Poster
  • Positive Feedback Poster
  • 1st Then Board
  • (12) 1st Then Cards
  • Classroom Expectations Poster
  • (10) Daily Schedule Cards
  • (8) Check-in Center Boards
  • (8 areas) Transition Helper Poster
  • (10) Transition Cards w/ Ring
  • Conversation Starters Poster
  • (12) Stop & Go Signs
  • Stop & Go Scenario Poster
  • Pyramid Model Poster

For orders outside the U.S. please contact us.