Classroom Visual Display Kit


Available for Pre-order. Kits will be ready to ship late summer.

Teaching children routines, rules and expectations are common practice in most preschool classrooms. When used regularly, children can develop a clear understanding of what is expected of them and what they can expect in their classroom. When Visual supports are incorporated, they give children a reference and guidance and help them choose how to behave.

Classroom Visual Display Kit includes:

  • Classroom Rules Poster
  • Positive Feedback Poster
  • 1st Then Board
  • (12) 1st Then Cards
  • Classroom Expectations Poster
  • (10) Daily Schedule Cards
  • (8) Check-in Center Boards
  • (8 areas) Transition Helper Poster
  • (10) Transition Cards w/ Ring
  • Conversation Starters Poster
  • (12) Stop & Go Signs
  • Stop & Go Scenario Poster
  • Pyramid Model Poster

For orders outside the U.S. please contact us.