The Calming Kit

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The Discovery Source is proud to partner with the Santa Clara County Office of Education, Inclusion Collaborative to bring you the Calming Kit.
Santa Clara County Office of Education Inclusion Collaborative

The Calming Kit focuses on children’s emotional and self regulation skills. Complete with a teachers guide, lessons, strategies and sensory materials to help children master their big emotions.

Materials are written in English and Spanish

The expanded Calming Kit features:

  • 1 new 11×17 laminated poster showing Children’s Feelings and Emotions
  • 19 (6×9) Calming Strategy Crds glossy mini posters to display in classroom centers
  • 4- laminated Feeling Bingo cards
  • 1- Perhaps Ill be an Orpple Big Book


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The calming kit. Materials in English and Spanish

  1. The Teachers facilitation guide focuses on children’s emotional development and self-regulation skills. Teachers are given an easy to implement guidebook for teaching these strategies and skills essential for creating a peaceful and happy classroom. Guide in English only.
  2. How do you feel? Como se siente.The Feelings Wheel helps children identify their feelings and engages the thinking part of their brain, which can then lead to self-regulation.
  3. I will take 5 deep breaths. Cards.Five Breaths Visual Support: Taking deep breaths and blowing out will stimulate the parasympathetic response in our bodies, which decreases oxygen consumption, slows down heart rate, decreases blood pressure and muscle tension and calms the mind.
  4. Calm Down. Tranquilize. Little girl meditating.Calm Down Social Book: A Calm Down Social Story supports the calming process by providing step by step information of the process, using pictures and offering choices.
  5. Calming Strategy Cards. Tarjetas de estrategias para tranquilizarCalming Strategy Cards: 17 Calming Strategy Cards provide visual options and choices of activities giving children multiple options for calming themselves.
  6. Perhaps I'll be an Orpple. Story by Z. Hackett. Illustrated by V. SnykerPerhaps I’ll Be an Orpple storybook provides lessons about being unique, special and respecting all others. Book is in English only.
  7. Yellow phoneSelf -Talking Phones are great for children to talk to themselves and processing their feelings, is soothing and helps children Calm down.
  8. A big red heartSqueeze Balls: When you are stressed or upset, your limbic brain is stimulated, often giving bursts of fight or flight energy. Squeezing and/or pushing/pulling activities will help reduce that energy in your body.

The Expanded Calming Kit

Shows everything in the in the Expanded Calming Kit

2 reviews for The Calming Kit

  1. Martha Gabaray

    This is a very helpful kit. it is great as is but the backpack allows growth and customization. The visuals tools make it easier for children to connect with others’ emotions and identify emotions of their own. Delivery was reliable and David was very attentive and easy to work with.

  2. Nancy Handley

    Great product!! It came to me at a time that I was searching for something exciting to add to a “trauma” training for teachers. It’s nice to add to “the behavioral toolbox” with such wonderful materials that will be useful in the classroom.

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