The Calming Kit

$ 87.97

The Calming Kit focuses on Children’s emotional and self regulation skills.

It is a child-friendly teaching tool designed to support teachers as they help children learn essential strategies to identify and regulate the “big” feelings and emotions that are critical to their success in school and in life.

Children will learn calming strategies that allow them to both understand and regulate their emotions effectively—how to successfully interact with peers, lower their feelings of stress, and be better prepared to engage and learn in the classroom by understanding their feelings, asking for help and learning to use the strategies on their own.

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“The Calming Kit has been extremely effective in our preschool classrooms. The children are learning to manage their behaviors and use the tools taught from the Calming Kit.”
—Training & Curriculum Specialist (Navy Child & Youth Program)

“The children are really responding to the strategies and the tools provided. They have learned how to use these strategies and are doing them on their own when upset. The lesson guide is excellent for guiding the teachers and easy to implement in the classroom. This provides even the novice teacher the material and guide to present the materials to the children.”

“Great product!! It came to me at a time that I was searching for something exciting to add to a ‘trauma’ training for teachers. It’s nice to add to ‘the behavioral toolbox’ with such wonderful materials that will be useful in the classroom.”


Calming Kit Preview (PDF)

Download The Calming Kit Preview (PDF 16 MB)

The Calming Kit. Sensory Strategies and Emotional supports to assist children.

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