Baby Home Start – English or Spanish

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The more words a child hears from birth to 5 years, the more successful he will be in learning to read and write and to succeed academically. There is no gift more powerful than words for helping your child succeed in school and life.

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It’s never too early to start welcoming your new baby into your family. Many parents start talking, singing, and reading to their babies as soon as the baby bump appears, so when their baby is born they will already recognize the voices of their parents and siblings, tones of voice, and the sounds of language.

Ages: Newborn – 3 Years

Baby Home Start

Babies learn through their own senses and experiences and the family is best able to provide these early one-on-one learning experiences. This booklet is designed to help families use lots of language throughout the day, using familiar objects, routines, and activities in the home to help develop each child’s wealth of experiences, interactions and language to become a successful learner. There are suggestions for activities and conversations about:

  • When the new baby is born and first comes home from the hospital
  • Activities for the baby and toddler to be physically active indoors
  • Things to Say and Do with your baby and toddler during bath time
  • Things to Say and Do while changing and dressing your baby and toddler
  • Things to Say and Do while feeding your infant and toddler
  • Things to Say and Do at nap time and bedtime
  • Lap Time activities with books and stories
  • Suggestions for activities with songs and rhymes throughout the day
  • Things to Say and Do during outdoor activities
  • A list of Simple Songs and Books for babies and toddlers

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