Pyramid Model Infant Toddler Kit

Pyramid Model infant Toddler Kit

The Pyramid Model Infant Toddler Kit was created in continued partnership with the Pyramid Model Consortium. This kit offers a structured and evidence-based approach to supporting the social-emotional development of infants and toddlers. Through this kit, caregivers and educators gain the necessary knowledge and tools to create nurturing environments, build strong relationships, and effectively address the individual needs of each child. The benefits to the children are numerous and profound; improved social skills, emotional regulation, and overall well-being.

The following non-printed materials are included:

  • 2 Photo Cubes
  • Photo Flip Book
  • Meddy Teddy
  • Meddy Teddy Book

The following printed materials are included:

  • PMC Infant Toddler
  • 10 Things to Say
  • Self Care IT Caregiver
  • IT Teacher Behavior Reflection Tool
  • Trauma Sensitivity Caring for IT Sheet
  • Development of Play Skills for IT
  • Family Letter
  • IT Daily Reflections Sheet (Pads)
  • Activity Posters
  • Family Cards
  • Feeling Cards
  • 1st Then Cards
  • 1st Then Board
  • Milestones Flip Book