Our Story

The Discovery Source creates innovative, effective, and affordable solutions to meet the unique opportunities and challenges that come with nurturing the social emotional and cognitive development of young learners.

Early childhood is the most important time in the lives of young children for brain development and social emotional skills. They learn to walk, talk, care, share, and take in just about everything in the first 5 years of life.

Early childhood teachers and administrators are passionate, loving, and they have a huge responsibility to give their best to these children and families. In many programs, they are held accountable to the highest standards of quality. Caring for and educating young children is one of the most important and difficult jobs in education.

Investment must be made in these early years of children’s lives. Opportunities for learning early social emotional and cognitive skills are only available once for us to help create a strong foundation that facilitates equity and a lifelong love for learning.

We created The Discovery Source to help support those teachers and the children they serve. Our researched-based materials are designed to target specific goals or problems and can be used easily every day in order to achieve those goals.

Our purpose and commitment to our customers remains the same over decades – to listen, learn and research the opportunities, challenges, and goals that programs, teachers, and families are facing; and then work with experts to create solutions that are accessible, equitable, easy to implement, and most importantly – effective! Many of our own solutions – such as The Calming Kit and Frame Their Learning, were developed by listening to educators and building a solution to solve a problem or meet a need.

In addition to creating The Discovery Source exclusive solutions, also partner with quality companies who we feel have also created solutions that add value and drive innovation in early childhood.

In 2015 we became the authorized representatives for Brookes Publishing in California and Nevada to assist programs with the ASQ ( Ages & Stages ) screening tool and other amazing resources for early childhood inclusion and special needs.

Our original partnership as an authorized representative for California, Hawaii and Military Children and Family programs was with Kodo Kids in 2014. We love their solutions for creating very innovative and engaging materials that support Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. (STEM)

The Discovery Source is a family business that includes Dave, Denise, Shawn and Patrick Scahill as well as a host of early childhood experts. We are passionate and committed to do our best to support early childhood teachers, families and programs, and we look forward to working with you.

“Our purpose and commitment to our customers remains the same over decades – to listen and research challenges that programs, teachers and families are facing; and then work with experts to create solutions that are easy to implement, accessible and most importantly – Effective”
– Dave Scahill, Founder and CEO, The Discovery Source