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The Discovery Source has partnered with some amazing people. We believe in joining together to bring the best educational products to the market. Here are some of the people we work with. Their specialties range from engineers to professors to entrepreneurs. We are excited to bring you the best educational tools, strategies, and materials on the market!

We have the honor of being chosen as the authorized representatives in California, Hawaii, and Nevada by Kodo Kids and Brookes Publishing.

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Kodo Kids is designing and manufacturing materials to help programs and schools create little scientists and engineers as well as good citizens who share, collaborate, and work together well.

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Brookes Publishing is the publisher for ages and stages questionnaires (ASQ 3 / ASQ SE 2) as many other tools and professional resources to support the inclusion of all children.

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Constant Hine lives in Denver, Colorado. Constant is an early childhood consultant, adult educator, coach, and author. She works with educators, care-givers, business professionals, and managers throughout North America. Constant has an M.A. in Education. Constant has been the owner and president of Horizons In Learning since 1988. Horizons In Learning offers professional development services including: college level courses, seminars, consulting, mentoring, coaching. Agency-level services are also offered, including group/retreat facilitation and organizational transition consulting. Horizons In Learning specializes in facilitating respectful learning for sustainable change for individuals and teams to increase their skills and perspectives to be more effective and to deepen professional practices that support educators who work with children and families.

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We like architecture and engineering. And ours is a family of builders always making something together—whether its a sailboat, a toy model or renovating a house. We got a kick out of watching our kids start building with blocks. Their interest grew from simple stacking and categorizing to later spending hours constructing a moat-surrounded castle and telling us about their secret village. We watched exciting problem solving, interaction, cognitive growth and story telling with our kids in block play. But most blocks we found in stores lacked something. Either they were too light, too big, lacked interesting shapes, were made with toxic varnishes or just too expensive. This got us thinking. What if we could create an affordable, multi-sensory, sustainably-made and durable unit block set? So we did! Five years of research, development and testing with educators, we’ve created Unit Bricks.

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