Our Mission

Our Mission

The Discovery Source creates opportunities and solutions for early childhood educators to transform the way they support children and families in the most critical years of childhood development – from birth through third-grade.

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in supporting the social-emotional development of our youngest learners; and strive to provide innovative, effective, and affordable solutions to strengthen relationships, raise quality, improve outcomes, and ensure each and every child has a fair start and solid foundation for future success.

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Meaningful relationships with educators and families are at the core of what drives everything we do.

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Our solutions are research-backed, authored by experts in the field; and designed to meet the opportunities, challenges, and realities of early childhood educators, providers, caregivers and families.

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We listen to voices from the field and actively seek opportunities to work directly with educators to create and customize solutions that deliver value on a personal level.

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We partner with like-minded, high-quality publishers and manufacturers to expand on our core proprietary offerings when needed; offering a holistic approach to meet the myriad of needs in early childhood programs and services.

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We are a small family-run business and seek to treat every customer like a member of our extended family by providing personalized service and operating with straightforward, mindful business practices.

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We are deeply invested in the success of our customers, with a focus on meeting requirements and standards; and transforming problems into solutions in a way that impactful, accessible, and easy to implement.

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Giving Back

We believe it’s our responsibility to ensure purpose and philanthropy are at the core of every business decision, and value service to the community over self-interest.