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The Discovery Source has partnered with Noni Educational Solutions to bring trauma-informed resources to preschool, Pre-K, and elementary school classrooms.

What is noni?

Created by Kai-leé Berke, an author of The Creative Curriculum® and Teaching Strategies GOLD®, noni is an innovative, app-based digital coach and collection of classroom resources that help teachers recognize, manage, and predict dysregulated behavior that stems from exposure to trauma and toxic stress.

With noni, teachers won't have to face the post-pandemic challenges ahead on their own. Right from their mobile devices, they'll have

  • relationship-based whole-class support, along with individualized plans for children who need them
  • immediate, in-the-moment guidance for moments of heightened classroom stress
  • a robust library of video, audio, and text-based opportunities to support their professional learning—with a focus on trauma, ACEs, dysregulated behaviors, and the importance of relationship-builing in working with trauma-impacted children
  • support for working with families as partners in healing from trauma
  • resources that support them in prioritizing their own self-care and mental wellness

Research-Based and Research-Validated

In addition to a comprehensive research base and effective teaching practices from the authors’ combined decades of classroom experience, the guidance, strategies, and trauma-informed approach that noni provides is rooted in and based upon research-validated practices used at Adventist HealthCare The Lourie Center for Children’s Social & Emotional Wellness. This well-known therapeutic program has had decades of research that confirms their success with supporting trauma-impacted children.

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