Frame Their Learning

Empower teachers and classroom assistants to focus on consistent, meaningful, and thought-provoking interactions and exchanges with children to raise the quality of instruction and increase quality ratings.

When CLASS® was new, The Discovery Source’s founder Dave Scahill went to numerous trainings and workshops to learn more about it and hear ideas and best practices from others in the field in meeting CLASS® requirements. Overwhelmingly, teachers said they needed a visual aid to help them remember concepts and words that were unfamiliar to them. Wanting to help, Dave set out to create a dynamic system to support meeting CLASS® assessment standards, but knew it had to be easy to use, while being directly correlated to all domain and behavioral markers. Dave teamed up with Sandy Silverman, a retired science and math coordinator, and Kara Casares, a teacher coach, and 10-months later, Frame Their Learning launched with rave reviews from the field.

Frame Their Learning is a highly-visual “pocket chart program” that’s easy to use and directly correlated to all CLASS® domain and behavioral markers, but specifically designed to provide additional guidance in the Instructional Support domain. Through this format, Frame Their Learning lets teachers easily “see” questions and words while interacting directly with children, instead of having to remember questions and vocabulary. And when used intentionally for lesson planning, Frame Their Learning can complement and support almost any curriculum and assessment system – teachers can use Frame Their Learning questions to drive interactions that can be documented in formative assessment tools.

Available in English and Spanish, Frame Their Learning can be used in any classroom setting – from dual immersion classrooms, as a tool for new teachers acclimating to CLASS® or as a resource for veteran teachers looking to fully incorporate the CLASS® assessment into their daily practice. Teachers report seeing immediate improvements in their exchanges with children, resulting in higher-quality instruction. Administrators report improvements in teacher performance and CLASS® instructional support scores. And outcomes naturally improve as children are exposed to more key concepts and vocabulary throughout the day.

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Why Frame Their Learning?

English / Spanish

Available in English and Spanish
to support all educators and dual immersion classrooms.

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Simple, teacher-friendly approach
takes guesswork out of meeting CLASS® requirements.

Highly personalized support
for new and veteran teachers and assistants alike meet a variety of instructional needs and goals.

Higher-quality teacher/child interactions
show immediate measureable improvements in instruction, performance, and outcomes.

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Increased CLASS® instructional support scores
raise overall quality ratings and scores, helping to secure funding and resources to support young learners.

Learn how Frame Their Learning helped elevate the quality of instruction and improve outcomes.

  • As a coach I use the system to mentor staff in improving their instructional skills. My sites have scored higher on the CLASS® assessment!

    —Tammy Zuccula, Coach

  • This is a great system. As we get ready for our CLASS® assessment, the system us empowering all the staff to build their language skills. They in turn, will improve communication with children. From this, children will be able to build very positive language skills.

    —Marla Sutcliff, Director

  • Language modeling is an area that is difficult for me, having the vocabulary cards to refer to helps me with this. When I feel stuck, looking up at the question prompts helps me construct questions to help the children progress.

    —Sheena Wheeler, Teacher

What kind of organizations can benefit from Frame Their Learning?

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Head Start and Early Head Start Programs

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Impacts and Outcomes

Statistics show that early childhood classrooms and programs experience a significant amount of teacher turnover on an annual basis, affecting the quality of instruction and teacher/child interactions. CLASS® assessments are intended to elevate the practice and improve quality, but many teachers struggle with the Instructional Support domain, or remembering the question and word prompts that support rich interactions.

Frame Their Learning takes the guesswork out of meeting CLASS® requirements and supports what high-quality early childhood education should look like. There is no wrong way to use the tool – from strengthened interactions and improved language modeling to improved conceptual understanding in key cognitive areas – Frame Their Learning has been proven to increase CLASS® scores, increasing QRIS quality ratings overall and impacting funding for high-quality early childhood programs nationwide

Teaching working with Frame their Learning

Through Frame Their Learning, The Discovery Source seeks to elevate the practice and field of early childhood education through ongoing support and guidance.

The dynamic nature of early childhood programs require an educator commitment to training and learning to ensure high quality, developmentally appropriate practices. Teachers that receive guidance and training are more effective and successful, with improved performance and strengthened relationships in the classroom and the field. The Discovery Source creates solutions to increase the quality of instruction and elevate the importance of a strong foundation. Learn more about The Discovery Source and Frame Their Learning by clicking below.