frame their learning | the discovery sourceThe integration of parent/family activities and program curriculum has great impact on children’s readiness for school and future success. Our Family Engagement Activities use common household materials to help families better engage and participate in their child’s education beyond the classroom walls.

Research shows that when families are engaged in their children’s education and extend their learning into the home, they perform better academically, have more success in school, and show improved social-emotional skills.

The integration of parent/family activities and program curriculum has great impact on school readiness. Family Engagement Activities is a collection of 24 STEM-focused activities that parents and children can seamlessly use to play and learn together – without the need to purchase additional materials. We recommend beginning with these activities in a classroom environment, then bringing them home to share with family members as a way of extending learning connections.

These Family Engagement Activities are appropriate for ages 2-5 years and helps to promote effective family engagement between the school and home, while providing parents and families with tools to develop and strengthen key early learning concepts in the home.

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Why Family Engagement Activities?

More impactful and intentional family activities
to support how young children learn best.

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Proven, easy guidance for families
to increase learning moments and experiences in the home.

A strengthened relationship between school and home
extends learning outside of the classroom walls and into the community.

Increased engagement between children families and teachers
improves school readiness and fosters a lifelong love for learning.

Impacts and Outcomes

When children have opportunities to engage in meaningful learning experiences at home they’re more successful in school, however many parents and caregivers need guidance on how to incorporate fun, easy family learning activities into their day-to-day.

Family Learning Activities helps families use everyday household objects to easily and seamlessly incorporate family learning into home activities, building off learning that’s happening in school to strengthen relationships and learning connections while improving school readiness.

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Who can benefit from using Family Engagement Activities?

Family Engagement Activities are used by many organizations and programs to help the following people:

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Looking to provide simple but meaningful learning experiences in the home.

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Family Members

Who help care for young children in the home and want to support learning.

Community Organizations

Looking to support parents through programming and guidance.


Looking for ways to extend learning into the home and strengthen relationships

Through our Family Engagement Activities, The Discovery Source aims to support ongoing learning opportunities in the home to increase social emotional and cognitive skills in young children.

Families who create authentic learning moments in the home through talking, listening, simple guided activities, and play, result in children better prepared for school and life. Family Engagement Activities provides straightforward opportunities for educators and families to work together, strengthening the connection between home and school to support ready families, children and educators in the learning journey. Learn more about The Discovery Source and Family Engagement Activities by clicking below.