Dr. Karge will be training the the CASE Conference in Mississippi November 9-10 on Thinking That Matters!

THINKING THAT MATTERS FOR SCHOOLS SCHOOL FUNCTION AREAS (SFAs) FROM CHALLENGE TO CHANGE is a product of the non-profit LEEG Initiative of the Leadership and Education Effectiveness Group (The LEEG). Vision for this work stems from two years of convening education professionals and stakeholders representing diverse districts, schools, multiple states, and education organizations. A task for the various constituents was to examine factors of school underperformance and change needs. We also strategized support opportunities and techniques to assist preschool through grade 12 schools with learner-centered, learner-focused continuous and sustained effectiveness improvement. The LEEG Initiative Engages, Empowers, Equips, and Elevates Educators (E4) to practice learner-focused continuous change and improvement. The goal is to maximize personal and professional potential to lead effective schools by:

  • Elevating school and district leaders to perform as change agents who consistently and competently create and sustain effective teaching and learning for all students.
  • Equipping school and district leaders with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to optimize teaching and learning for all students.
  • Engaging school and district leaders in a process of systemic analysis and action for continuous improvement.
  • Empowering school and district leaders to build a culture of collaboration, strong collegiality, high expectations for all involved, and equity-centered values and beliefs.

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