During the Webinar we will:

  • Introduce and then discuss the SEL ebook, the importance of SEL, and research relating to why it’s needed for our students.
  • Introduce the Digital Calming Kit and discuss that it incorporates several of the features that the in-person physical Calming Kit has.
  • Discuss how the Digital Calming Kit can be used in any classroom setting (online, blended learning, and fully in-person.
  • Preview the Digital Calming Kit Templates
    a. Calming Strategy Cards
    b. SEL Bingo
    c. Calming Kit SEL Matching Kit
    d. Take 5 Breathes Activities
    e. Review the Instructional Video Resources Included…

This will be an interactive webinar to learn more about SEL and the Digital Calming Kit, a few lucky participants will win a free digital download, and all participants get the free SEL digital ebook.