Welcome ELC of Santa Rosa County Teachers and Providers!


Please create your wishlist for approval from the ELC of Santa Rosa County.  You can do so by following these steps!

  1. Enter the password provided to you to access the special discounts you will receive as part of the grant you received from the ELC of Santa Rosa County.
  2. Select which materials you would like to add to your Wish List by clicking add to cart.  You can edit the quantity of each item before entering in cart or after.
  3. Visit your cart by clicking from any page at the top of the site.
  4. Review your Wish List inside your cart to make sure you have the products you want and that it meets the amount you have been offered by the Coalition.
  5. Click the button labeled Send Cart (PDF).  It is located at the top of the cart.
  6. Complete the pop-up form. Be sure to add both your email and your Coalition contact person’s email in the To field.  Please complete all fields.
  7. The form will be sent to the Coalition.  Once approved, send the approval email along with the PDF you received when you completed step 6 to orders@thediscoverysource.com.
  8. Your order will be processed and sent directly to you!



Jeanne Hughes:

Phone Number: 702-425-0794