Dr. Belinda Karge

Dr. KargeDr. Belinda Karge is a Professor of Doctoral Studies at Concordia University Irvine and Professor Emeritus from California State University, Fullerton. Over her career, she has made numerous presentations to groups of school district employees, keynoted conferences, and provided professional development to overseas educators. She is an expert in research based instructional strategies and has authored five curriculum texts, four book chapters, 125+ articles and numerous grants (totaling 20+ million dollars).

Professional Development

Engage 11

Differentiation and how to engage students in diverse classroom groupings is a constant challenge for educators. The 21st century educator becomes the facilitator of learning, not the guardian of knowledge. The Common Core is about identifying the skills, knowledge, and habits of the mind that all learners need to be successful in society.

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Engage Early Learners

A Toolbox of Strategies to Engage ALL Early Childhood Learners – provides participants with research-based engagement strategies for instructional support. Learn to facilitate peer interaction in small and large group activities.

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Strategies for Co-Teaching

This presentation will provide the participants with eleven co-teaching strategies.  Teams will learn best practices for implementing co-teaching and view videos of co-teaching in practice.

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