Digital Training and Community

Zoom TrainingThe Discovery Source is excited to announce that we have been exploring new ways to continue connecting and learning despite the global pandemic. Over the past months, we have been conducting digital training via Zoom and reaching educators across the country. Our digital training sessions will continue to be held throughout the year and available to our customers as we continue providing total support despite the “new” normal.

Another way we hope to encourage learning and dialogue online is through our new digital community. The Discovery Source’s digital learning group will be accessible through Facebook to anyone who is taking part in our Calming Kit or Frame Their Learning training sessions!

This private, digital community will give trainees the chance to interact with each other and build their knowledge in a safe space. Our team members will also be accessible through this group and available to answer questions and provide access to helpful resources. We also encourage trainees to use this community as a space to share their experiences using our educational tools – whether it be through stories, images, or videos! 

Although we look forward to the day when we can return to an in-person educational experience, we look forward to building new connections through our digital training session and community space! And if you haven’t already, connect with us at Discovery Source’s primary Facebook page:

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